Scaffolding Services for Various Industries 

Tigon Scaffolding provides high quality scaffolding that is used in diverse industries and projects.
These include: 
  • Construction of Tall Buildings & Large Civil Structures
  • Painting and Plastering
  • Hoardings and High Sign-Boards
  • Building Maintenance


The most common use that our scaffolds find is construction projects. It would be impractical to complete the construction of usually tall and large structures without scaffolding and unsafe without our quality scaffolds. Each construction project has its unique requirements in terms of quantity and quality (types of materials etc.). We habitually satisfy the needs of our clients on every construction project.

Having served construction companies working on a range of construction projects, Tigon Scaffolding has contributed to the construction of several structures across London. These range from tall commercial buildings to large civil structures such as dams.

Painting & Plastering

Our scaffolding not only makes buildings go up, but helps beautify them. Once a building is constructed, it obviously requires work like painting and plastering. We play an important role in this phase also as our quality scaffolds provide comfortable and practical working platforms for painting and plastering professionals.


Till long after a structure is built, our scaffolds are used by professionals to climb them for maintenance. This way Tigon Scaffolding plays an important role in the sustainability of London’s infrastructure. This also helps construction companies offer value to their clients with their reliable maintenance services. Advertising Hoardings.

In addition to commercial, residential and civil structures, we also provide scaffolding for sign boards and advertising hoardings. These structures require our quality scaffolding so that construction workers and painters etc. can work safely on these advertising devices.
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"Very impressed with Matthew and his team. Scaffolding erected in record time, virtually no mess and zero fuss. We will use again."

Safety & Compliance

All our scaffolding is the product of first-rate materials and processes. The safety of the people who use our scaffolds is a prime concern for Tigon Scaffolding. Regardless of their use, our scaffolds completely fulfil the relevant legal requirements as per existing UK legislation including: 
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999
  • Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996

Making Quality Scaffold Use Affordable

Never compromising on quality, we proudly offer the best rates to London’s construction companies for our scaffolding. Rent or purchase, our clients always enjoy the best prices and quality.