Choosing the Right Interior Scaffolding 

When you are choosing interior scaffolding, there are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration. How well you are able to handle these important issues will determine how well your interior construction, decoration etc. project goes. A good scaffolding contractor will help you make the best decision.  


Safety is always a key concern during construction regardless of the size or nature of the project. When people have to climb things (scaffolds in this case), the safety issue becomes more important and the higher they climb, the higher the importance of safety gets. Think about the platforms on the interior scaffolding. Will the project require you, or the contractor, to move them around or just stay in one place? Discuss the details of the project and the activities involved with the contractor to get a good understanding of exactly what the workers will be doing up on the interior scaffolding.

A smart, expert scaffolding contractor will always be concerned about safety. Nonetheless you should insist on discussing all safety issues. For instance, Tigon Scaffolding carries out all scaffolding projects in accordance with current UK legislation, including the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999, the Work at Height regulations 2005 and the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996.  

Construction of the Interior Scaffolding

Keep in mind that things used in construction need to be constructed themselves. You should consider the setting up of the interior scaffolding. Without being properly set up, interior scaffolding can hinder the project. The negative implications of this can be reflected in loss of time, money and of course safety as well. Be sure to ask the scaffolding contractor how they plan on bringing the interior scaffolding to the site. Also inquire as to who bears the responsibility for constructing/setting up the scaffolding. It’s better if you also discuss where the scaffolding will be put when it has been used for the day. You may not want to leave the interior scaffolding in the middle of your home or office and if that is the case, you must decide in advance about the storage of the scaffolding.


Let’s not forget that the basic reason you need interior scaffolding is that you don’t have giant handymen who can paint the ceiling by just waving their arms. Be precise about your requirements before the interior scaffolding arrives on site and you discover it’s not the right size. Have the vendor visit your home, office etc. and measure the workplace.

Scaffolding companies offer scaffolds in different sizes and it’s your job to ensure the right sized one finds its way to the workplace. Sometimes the standard sizes you are initially shown will not perfectly suit you. In such a case, make sure that there is an option of adjusting the scaffold’s height or width. Getting interior scaffolding with the perfect dimension for your project may need levelling jacks or wheels. You will usually be expected to pay extra for this so sort out all these issues before your project to avoid any problems later on. 

Choosing the right interior scaffolding for your indoor consecution, decoration or remodelling project will ensure the work is completed while costing you the least time, trouble and money as less as possible.  
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