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Tigon Scaffolding Ltd offer high quality Birdcage Scaffold hire and rental, ensuring that you can complete your project on time and on budget. 

The birdcage scaffold, also known as the independent, is one of the simpler and more common forms of scaffolding you will find on a typical UK building site. Consisting of two rows or more of standards or vertical poles, the birdcage scaffold is usually connected by using horizontal pieces as well as ledgers and transoms. Birdcage scaffolds are intended for use on single story levels only, and often used by plasterers or painters when working on a ceiling. As the name might suggest birdcage scaffolds are almost always fully enclosed so that trades people working on them are protected from falls thanks to the scaffold’s cage like structure.
Birdcage scaffolds can reach heights of more than sixty feet. In these instances as well as in cases where non standard configurations are required maximum levels of safety standards need to be applied. The scaffolding company hired to construct a birdcage scaffold need to consult with the building site managers as well as health and safety representatives.
The ideal birdcage scaffold will have been designed and constructed using poles arranged in parallel lines and spaced at regular intervals throughout the length of the structure. Once the poles are all in place, diagonal braces are added to increase the structure’s stability and finally sturdy wooden planks are placed over the poles along their length. As birdcages are always freestanding extra attention should be applied to the bracing process to ensure added stability especially in open areas where they may be susceptible to strong winds.
Generally birdcage scaffolding will fall into one of two categories:
  • Single level birdcages
  • Multiple level birdcages
Unit height for each level should be more than eight feet, with second story or more levels being no more than six foot six inches. The cage should also cover a footprint of around eight foot square.  
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