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Tigon offer specialist Bricklayer’s Access Solutions and Scaffolding Hire for Efficient Bricklaying Projects 

Maintaining the optimal working conditions for bricklayers via scaffolds is crucial. You have to be careful when setting up the scaffold for the bricklayers as they usually work at face or shoulder height. If the scaffolds are more elevated than this height, the bricklayers would have to stretch themselves too much. Needless to say, their work quality will be affected as well create unsafe conditions.

Sturdy & Reliable

Fortunately, Tigon Scaffolding provides the best bricklayers scaffold solution. You can use our scaffold to ensure your bricklayers work efficiently, completing projects quickly and safely. The bricklayers scaffolds are available in different high quality materials. This sturdy construction is crucial for a safe and swift work process for the bricklayers. They are built for heavy loads (approx 650 kg/platform per bay).

Using Stairs & Access Solutions

We recommend using our temporary scaffold staircases to be used with the bricklayers scaffold. You can also use our specialist access solutions along with the bricklayers scaffold to create a fully functional bricklaying construction site.

Tigon Scaffolding complies with all existing applicable UK legislation from the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999.  
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