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Gantries and Gantry Scaffolding for Every Construction Project 

Whenever you need to erect scaffolds, use Tigon Scaffolding’s gantry scaffolding. Our quality gantry helps you create a construction site where the work goes on swiftly as well as safely for the workers, pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

You can come to us for gantry scaffolding regardless of the scale of your project. If you have undertaken a project, you need the best scaffolding to complete it properly and quickly. That’s exactly what our gantries enable you to do.  

Multifarious Uses

Our gantries can be used for an array of purposes. For instance, you can use our gantry scaffolding to not only protect pedestrians and automobiles passing by, but also to support the scaffolding for the framework above the scaffold.

It’s hard to imagine a construction project that doesn’t require gantries. We have helped numerous construction companies with our high quality gantry scaffolding which they have used for diverse projects.  

Rent or Purchase

Always offering our clients the best choice, we let you rent or purchase our gantry scaffolding as you see fit. In any case, Tigon Scaffolding offers you the most affordable options. Furthermore, you can discuss your requirements with us over the phone or in person. We will always advise you the most appropriate gantry scaffolding setup.

One Specialist helping Another…

Tigon Scaffolding is a specialist when it comes to providing high-quality and affordable scaffolding, gantry or otherwise. Proudly serving each client, we are pleased to see how our scaffolding equipment helps our clients be the best in their business. Having worked for construction companies of all sizes, we are more than capable of helping you with the best gantries and gantry scaffolding.

Complete Regulatory Compliance

All our gantries and gantry scaffolding are in complete compliance with current UK legislation. This includes Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and Work at Height Regulations 2005.
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