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How to Choose Indoor Scaffolding 

Choosing the right indoor scaffolding for your decoration or maintenance project requires some preparation which an experienced scaffolding contractor can help with. The following considerations will guide you to achieve the best results from your indoor scaffolding/ scaffold tower hire.

Safety First for Your Project

Construction safety is always a  concern regardless of the size or nature of the project.

Safety precautions become progressively important the higher someone climbs.

Discuss fully what the project is with your contractor and the activities the scaffolding will be needed for. For example, consider if the platforms on the interior scaffolding will need to be moved by either yourself or the contractor.

An experienced scaffolding contractor will always be concerned about safety. You should insist on discussing all safety issues.

Tigon Scaffolding carries out all scaffolding projects in accordance with current UK legislation, including the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999, the Work at Height regulations 2005 and the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996.

Construction of the Interior Scaffolding

Remember that the scaffolding itself will need to be constructed  when it arrives. Improper set up can result in loss of time, money and of course safety issues.

Talk to your contractor about:

1. How they plan on bringing the interior scaffolding to site

2. Who is responsible for constructing/ setting up the scaffolding?

3. Where the scaffolding will be put once it has been used for the day?

You may not want to leave the interior scaffolding in the middle of your home or office once it is used. If so, you must decide where it will be stored in advance.

Measuring Your Workspace

Be precise about your requirements before the indoor scaffolding arrives on site.

Ask  the scaffolding contractor to visit your home, office etc. to measure the workspace.

Scaffolding companies offer scaffolds in different sizes. Sometimes the standard sizes you are initially shown will not suit the project. Choosing interior scaffolding with adjustable height and width will give you maximum flexibility.

You might also need levelling jacks or wheels. These usually come at an extra cost so it’s best to discuss your project fully with your scaffolding contractor to avoid any problems later on.

Choosing the right interior scaffolding for your indoor construction, decoration or remodelling project will save you time, money and headaches once you begin your project.

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