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Progressive Scaffolding 

Installing scaffolding is a risky endeavour, no matter what kind of structure is being erected. The great heights certain structures can take have compelled insurance companies to adopt policies to ensure the security of each worker or employee involved in building projects. When it comes to progressive scaffolding, this necessity can take on giant proportions.  

We offer Competent Help during Progressive Scaffolding

When it comes to assembling new buildings, it’s necessary to ensure the structure remains sound throughout the construction phase. A competent site manager is the only one capable of providing such minute checks and attention to detail. At Tigon Scaffolding we offer on-site managers and construction personnel who take your ideas and concerns into account during the progressive scaffolding phase facilitated by:
  • Frequent Site Visits – As soon as the scaffold is installed, our personnel check up on it frequently (and especially during adverse weather conditions) to ensure maximum reliability. Examinations are conducted after every 30 days as well, in order to ensure the stability of the fledgling structure.
  • Regular meetings – During appropriate intervals, the crew and site manager hold regular meetings to inspect each and every element of the building process. Records are documented in precise order which includes time interval, specification reference along with the name and designation of the individual responsible for the assessment. 

We Guarantee Strong Structures

During progressive scaffolding, a structure needs to be fortified using more than just materials. You need to adopt methods that can create a strong structure without compromising on its durability. We offer several services to merge these two requirements, some of which are:  

Tie Forces

Scaffold ties must be capable of transferring forces throughout the structure in order to minimize collapse potential. This is an indirect design that fortifies a scaffolding structure by reinforcing the ties holding each material in place within the entire support system. No amount of wind or other naturally occurring weather conditions can have an impact on scaffolding made strong by such ties.  

Enclosed Scaffold

To reduce chances of progressive collapse of a scaffold, we offer sails that can be installed to increase wind resistance. In case of extreme windy conditions, we provide additional mesh or screens to increase maximum surface area. Our trained engineers will also be on-site to provide their expertise regarding the design of the sail to be installed.
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