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Precautions on Roof Access Scaffold for Public Safety & Convenience

While safety is a major concern on construction sites, the safety is not just for workers, but for the general pubic as well. Scaffolds often go up in areas surrounded by people. Whether the members of the public are standing, walking, cycling or driving by, the people responsible for the construction, including the workers on the scaffolding, are responsible for their safety.  

Contacting Proper Authorities

If the scaffold is being erected on a road or on a public highway, the proper highway authority is contacted. This lets the authority know if they have to take some steps to facilitate the public like re-routing traffic or notifying in advance to avoid accidents arising out of surprises.

Ensuring Durability of the Roof Access Scaffold

The construction parties have to be absolutely certain that the roof access scaffold can handle the load it will be burdened with. This may entail ensuring that the scaffold’s design is suitable for the type of work being done using it. The weight and dimensions of the materials and equipment used on the roof access scaffold should be accurately gauged and deemed suitable for the scaffold’s strength.

Securing Edges of the Scaffold

Working on the roof often requires a lot of materials and equipment, all of which are obviously susceptible to gravity and can fall off the edge. These falling materials can seriously injure or even kill anyone on which they land. To prevent this, netting, sheeting or brickguards are used. Scaffold fans and covered walkways are also used for additional protection if it is deemed necessary.

Not ‘Bombing’ Materials

Taking the ‘securing the edges’ point a little further, the workers on a roof access scaffold also have to be careful to not ‘bomb’ materials from the roof. Even if there is no public in sight, they develop the habit of using manual or electric hoists for sending down materials and waste. A garbage chute is another way to safely send down waste.

Avoid Overloading the Roof Access Scaffold

Once the scope of the work is determined, the durability of the roof access scaffold is appropriately tested. This means that the roof access scaffold should only be used within its capacity. Overloading can result in great danger not only for the workers but for the surrounding people as well.  

Erecting and Dismantling during Quiet Times

If a roof access scaffold is required in a populated location, it is ideally erected during a quiet time. Same goes for the dismantling of the scaffold. The construction workers do their best to keep the general public out of harm’s way. They use signs and barriers to keep people from entering the area where the erection or dismantling is taking place.

The construction workers on the roof access scaffold take a number of precautions for avoiding accidents and injury to the people or their property. Roof means the top and the higher the things get, the more important it is to pay attention to safety and convenience of the public in addition to the workers.  
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