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Durable and Reliable Design 

At Tigon Scaffolding we know how arduous and time consuming transporting heavy construction equipment can be, especially if you are working in a time crunch. Our quality scaffold towers are made from the finest galvanised steel or appropriate lightweight aluminium that can withstand arduous industrial use efficiently.

Efficient and Variable Sizes

Our scaffold towers come in a variety of shapes and sizes according to different platform lengths and durability for specific width towers. These can be erected in both confined spaces and single width towers according to the size of the structure. Our single width can go up to 1.8m, 3.80m or 5.8m, while our double ones can go up to 12 meters in height.

Work Safely Inside AND Outside

Our towers are easy to use whether your construction project is based indoors or outdoors. Folding bases make it easier to transport while the anti-slip and spread apart rungs reduce chances of injury considerably. Several of our scaffolds are ideal for indoor work due to their small dimensions and are light enough to be transported with ease.

Reliable Safety Equipment

Besides this, we also supply safety equipment such as toe board stabilizers and hand rails that can be used as folding towers. Our galvanised steel towers are made from dense materials to ensure maximum durability in all our structures and to make them sturdy enough to handle extreme weather conditions.  

Sturdy Hoisting Materials

Scaffolds that are more than 6 m in height require appropriate hoisting devices to make them strong enough to lift heavy materials or equipment. We offer state of the art pulley systems that workers can put together and utilize easily and efficiently. Accurate measurements are taken to ensure load capacity does not exceed the appropriate amount or the scaffold connections installed.  
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