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Robust Shore Scaffold System 

Technically, scaffolding and shoring are two different things. Scaffolding is the raised or hanging platform and its supporting structure that is used to support workers and materials. Shoring is the vertical supporting members of a framework system. 

Shore scaffold then refers to the supporting members that are part of the scaffold framework. The reliability of shore scaffolds is of chief concern to construction businesses. Tigon Scaffolding makes robust shore scaffold systems available to you at reasonable prices. They can be used for renovation, expansion or just about any other construction project. 

Shoring Up Existing Structures

Our high quality shore scaffold provides excellent support for existing structures. It is necessary to shore up structures that are under construction prior to setting final materials. You can rely on our first-rate shore scaffold for your construction projects.  

Critical for Safety in Expansion & Renovation

Shore scaffolds play a crucial role in the safety of people around a construction site. Sometimes expansion or renovation projects require the work to be done with people around like in a supermarket or school. Working on such projects, you need the most reliable shore scaffold. While all construction projects require caution, safety issues in these kinds of assignments are most critical. Rest assured that Tigon Scaffolding shore scaffolds enable you to complete all projects with confidence.  

Shoring Up Unsafe Structures

Shore scaffolds are especially useful for supporting unsafe structures. Our quality shore scaffolds prove their worth when they are used to shore up unsafe structures where construction work is going on.  

Types of Shore Scaffolds

We produce various types of shore scaffolds, each one with a specific purpose such as:
  • Flying Shore Scaffold (for removing existing floor)
  • Dead Shore Scaffold (for supporting direct load from above)
  • Raking Shore Scaffold (for self-supporting scaffold)
All our shore scaffolds comply with UK safety legislation.
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