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Create a Perimeter for your Construction Sites 

All smart construction businesses use scaffold hoarding. Also known as security fencing, it’s a great way to secure a construction site. Tigon Scaffolding offers scaffold hoarding in various specifications, making it easy for you to set up your customised perimeter.  

Safe & Secure Construction Sites for Successful Projects

Scaffold hoarding gives your construction projects both safety and security. You can use it to keep the constructing site safe from unauthorised entry. You can also use the fencing to keep the public out for their own safety. In any case, our high quality scaffold hoarding enabling you to maintain a safe and secure construction site. This naturally helps you complete projects with speed and efficiency as the hoarding minimises interruption or worries of safety on the workers’ part.

For any Construction Scale

It doesn’t matter how big your construction site is, construction projects are required by law to use scaffold hoarding. To this end Tigon Scaffolding provides security fencing materials that you can use on construction sites of any scale. We are a one-stop-shop for all your construction hoarding needs.

Delivery & Installation

If you require, we can install the scaffold hoarding for you. Our efficient and experienced staff can swiftly set up the hoarding to secure your construction site. We also offer anti-climb solutions for advanced security.

For more details, please call us 020 7592 9431.  
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