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Rubbish Chutes, For Safety and Efficiency 

When you’re working on construction projects, it’s your responsibility to maintain a safe environment. Every one on and around the construction site should be as secure as possible. This includes people passing by the construction site. Tigon Scaffolding offers you rubbish chutes that help get rid of waste without putting your workers or other people near the site at risk.  

Swift & Safe Waste Disposal

Our rubbish chutes allow waste to be disposed swiftly and safely. By quickly disposing all construction rubbish such as rubble building waste, the rubbish chutes enhance the efficiency of your constructing project. Workers need an efficient system to get the waste out of their way otherwise their progress is hindered and safety jeopardised.  

Durable Chutes

Tigon Scaffolding rubbish chutes are made from heavy duty polyethylene. Once deployed, they create a sturdy and secure channel for the garbage to travel all the way down to a waste container, vehicle etc. Our high quality rubbish chutes can be used on several projects.

Rubbish Chutes that Suit your Needs

We offer rubbish chutes that suit your construction needs. You can buy or hire them, as you see fit. Call us at 020 7592 9431 to discuss your requirements.

Numerous Applications

Rubbish chutes can be used in a variety of construction scenarios. We have sold or hired out our high quality waste disposal chutes for many projects. You will find the best use for the rubbish chutes in the following construction projects:
  • Window installation
  • Flat roofs
  • Self-supporting scaffolds
  • Roofing
  • Renovation
  • Demolition
  • Industrial plant construction/renovation etc. 

Available in Various Sizes and Types

You can select from an array of rubbish chutes, we have them available in many of sizes and types. If you are unsure which one will be best for your construction project, we can help you decide. Call us at 020 7592 9431.
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