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Temporary Scaffold Bridges 

While working on large structures, insufficient support can literally bridge the gap between life and death. This is why construction enterprises need to ensure that their workers remain free of worry regarding their own safety. The danger increases tenfold when scaffolds come into the picture. Lack of protective equipment can turn into an insurance nightmare if the former is not taken care of from the get go.  

We Provide Sturdy Scaffolding Bridges to Keep your Workers Safe

At Tigon Scaffolding we provide temporary scaffolding bridges that are strong enough to bear the weight of several workers at once. Our bridges are made using the most effective designs and material that can last a lifetime.  

We bring our Services to you

Using temporary links, we assemble the bridge quickly and efficiently on one side and bring it around to the side where it is to be installed. Standard parts and steel decks are also available for access to buildings under construction. Besides this, an emergency bridge is also available to surmount rivers and streams within a construction site. Just let us know the span of the body of water by choosing the required bay length and we will provide the appropriate crane services for efficient pre-fabrication and installation.

Safe and Collapsible Design

We realise the time crunch construction companies have to overcome to create structures that can sometimes span more than a thousand feet in height. Our highly cost-effective and efficient bridging solutions are designed around the safety and convenience requirements of each client that walks through our doors. Our trained and highly experienced engineers make sure that each bridge is created using accurate structural calculations to ensure maximum durability and reliability. Additionally, each of our units is easy to assemble and take down due to their self-bracing qualities.
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