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Temporary Scaffold Staircases 

Ease of movement is crucial for efficient construction. Scaffold staircases provide construction workers the ability to reach ‘up there’ and come back down, comfortably. The temporary scaffold staircases come in a range of specifications, with different versions good for different purposes.

Complete Scaffold Staircase Solution

Tigon Scaffolding provides construction companies a complete scaffold staircase solution. You can come to us for a simple stairway for internal access, or evacuation stairs. Whatever your project requirements are, we have the right temporary scaffold staircase solution for your project. You can come to us for many different kinds of scaffold staircases. Built from high quality components, our staircases provide the reliable paths up and down the buildings under your construction.

Buy or Hire

It’s pertinent that you use well-built, high quality temporary scaffold staircases for your construction projects. So buy or hire new ones at affordable rates through Tigon Scaffolding. Climbing up and down construction buildings can be tricky, especially in less than favourable weather conditions. High quality scaffold staircases ensure that the workers ascend and descend safely. Our reasonably priced scaffold staircases make it easy for you to run efficient, safe and hence successful construction projects.

Better Safety

Scaffold staircases are not just good for boosting construction efficiency, but a matter of safety as well. Well-built, sturdy scaffold staircases enhance the overall safety of construction projects, whereas frail or ailing ones pose a threat. Accidents and their expensive consequences can seriously set back your construction business. Rest assured that Tigon Scaffolding’s temporary scaffold staircases are strong and safe, complying with all safety regulations.

Buy or Hire

Tigon Scaffolding’s temporary scaffold staircases fully comply with UK legislation which includes:
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 
  • Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999 
  • Work at Height Regulations 2005 
  • Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996 
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