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Shelter from Weather 

‘Tin hat’ is what scaffolding professionals call temporary roof structures. Mostly used on rooftops during construction, a tin hat provides the much needed shelter for workers as they work. Tigon Scaffolding provides the best of this shelter. 

Weather is the primary purpose of using a tin hat. Unfavourable weather conditions like rain and strong winds can upset the construction work. This is has two main implications.  


The nuisance of unfavourable weather also spills into safety issues as well. For instance rain is a great hazard if electrical work is being done on the rooftop construction. To protect the workers, you don’t just need a tin hat, you need a high quality one. Tigon Scaffolding offers high quality temporary roof structures for safe rooftop construction.

Every kind of ‘hat’

Tigon Scaffolding has a wide range of tin hat solutions. Made from high quality material, the reliable temporary roof structures we offer are sure to satisfy your requirements on multiple projects. You can use them on various projects regardless of size and duration.

All temporary roof structures we sell fully comply with existing UK legislation from the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to Work at Height Regulations 2005.  

Speed up the Project

In addition to providing a safe working site on roofs, tin hat also speeds up the project. It removes the need for managing (usually delaying) your work based on environmental aspects. Naturally this enables the workers to work swiftly.

For rooftop construction projects, like adding a loft, using tin hats is not just an optional element. It’s a smart business decision as it enhances construction efficiency and minimises risk. Many smart clients will ask whether you have a tin hat. And if you don’t, they probably won’t hire you. 

Using tin hat is a win-win situation. The minimal disruption, safety and speed of project are beneficial for both your construction business and the clients you serve. 
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