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Traditional New Build Scaffolding Hire London

At Tigon Scaffolding, we set standards daily when it comes to quality scaffolding and optimum safety measures. Our portfolio comprises of a range of construction services, which can be customised according to the requirements of specific construction projects. Our clients are our top priority which is why we have made a number of variable scaffolding services available for any building project that requires it.

Highly Adaptable Traditional Scaffolding

Even though modern day scaffolding is used to a large extent, traditional scaffolding is still widely adopted due to its convenient set up. This includes utilising galvanized tubing, sturdy scaffold boards and pressed steel fittings to fortify a structure appropriately. The reason for this method’s popularity lies in its highly adaptable capability. In other words, this process can be used to create almost any kind of structure imaginable. They allow us to make convenient access solutions for complex buildings and facilitate access to hard-to-reach areas in a safe manner.

Scaffold Tube

These are available in a wide range of varieties and lengths for every kind of building construction imaginable. Our aluminium tubing can go to lengths up to 6.0m, while our galvanised variety is available in lengths up to 6.4m.

Scaffold Fittings

We offer high quality pressed steel and dropped forge fittings according to safety and government standards to ensure maximum structural compatibility and strength. Each attachment is designed according to strict British standards to ensure optimum compatibility with any kind of structure being erected. Some of the fittings we offer include double couplers, swivel couplers, joint pins, base plates, roofing couplers, stair tread brackets and many more.

Scaffold Boards

Our scaffold boards are also available in a wide variety of grades such as Grade A, British standard and fire proof varieties. Each board is made using sturdy and long lasting Timber and fortified with steel end bands to ensure maximum stability.
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